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Legal Clerical Support in New York, New York

Move your paperwork promptly through the court system when you turn to our legal support agency in New York, New York, for clerical support. We handle all the details in order to make your job easier.
Clerical Support at AAA Attorney Services Co. of N.Y. Inc

Clerical Support Services

AAA Attorney Services Co. of N.Y. Inc. is a one-stop shop for all legal support services. Our expert team offers court clerical services for any court in the state of New York. Some of the services we provide include document retrieval for lawyers. We submit orders for signature and file affidavits. In addition, we handle all court paperwork.

Monthly Subscription

Enjoy our affordable services by signing up for a monthly subscription. We provide the same high-quality service for subscribed members and non-members. Our subscription rates are ideal for clients who have a high volume of work and need to file court documents multiple times a month.
If you are in the immediate vicinity or in one of the five boroughs of the court, we offer daily pickup of legal documents and process service. For large packages, call our office at (212) 233-3508 to inquire.
Contact us in New York, New York, for legal support when you're swimming in paperwork.